Strutt Saturday stimulus


Firstly, a huge thank you to all of our wonderful social media community! 
Being a small business on the outskirts of Hobart, never in our wildest dreams had we expected to have over 7000 followers on our Facebook page and 1000 people following our Instagram account.
So again, thank you! In times such as these your continued support helps us power through.


Now with such a large band of supporters behind us comes a sense responsibility and a source of power.

We want to use our popularity to exert some positive influence in our local Hobart and Tasmanian community and give back support to the community that has cared for us.

We like to think we are much more than just a local fashion boutique, bridal store and dressmaking business; we are invested in our customers as we share the journey of some life’s biggest moments with them, and we are proud to call our local area of Moonah, home.


This has led us to the birth and reveal our new project with you all ...

Strutt Stimulus Saturday!

 We have been on the hunt for local Hobart and Tasmanian products and services to share with the 7000 people following us.

The plan is to reinvest your stimulus money right back into your own backyard, and where possible to buy local and use local services.

So many businesses have been rocked hard by the COVID-19 restrictions and we all have the power to help get our mates, brothers, sisters, mums & dads over the line with their business ventures.

We will also be on the lookout for Australian products and services to share, things made and owned by Australians.

Let’s help get this country back on its feet by reinvesting in our selves.

 So, how will Strutt help any of this?

Each Saturday we will share hidden gems with you to introduce you to local products and services in the hope you get behind and show your support . If you create or know of products we can get out there,  send us a message along with any things you find in your travels.


Here are our first five. Enjoy!! 


  • Product one:

Who doesn’t love the nostalgic taste of a greengage?!

3 little ducks in Bellerive have taken the greengage and EXPLODED it with their homemade greengage relish.

One word: YUM!


  • Product two:

An iconic Tasmanian business for over twenty years, Valhalla ice-cream. Available in your local IGA’ stores and with 40 flavors to choose from, it is the best kind of treat. Take the pressure off birthdays and get one of their birthday cakes made to order.


  • Product three:

Stocking 18 delicious homemade style sauce, jams and condiments, Johnos homemade uses all raw ingredients sourced from around the state. Support this proudly Tasmanian business for all of your food flavour needs!




  • Product four:

Really ramp up your social distancing with garlic breath and ensure NO-ONE wants to violate the 1.5 rule!

It can be tricky finding Australian made and owned garlic but The food company takes all of the hard work out of it.

The food company 100% Australian made and owned.




  • Product five:

Lose the garlic breath with Grants toothpaste,available at your local Woolworths & Coles.

Grants toothpaste is Australian made owned and you can flash your sparkling grin knowing that this product is not tested on animals.


This week, try one of these products or follow them on social media and give a review if you have tried what they have to offer. 
Don’t forgot to send us details of your local gems with us to share in next Saturday’s Strutt stimulus! 
Head over and join the Facebook group Plug a business Tasmania for more local legends providing Tasmanian’s with the things we need. 


Rhonda & the Strutts. 

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