Strutt Saturday Stimulus #2


This weeks Strutt Saturday stimulus!



I don't know about you, but there is nothing that quite soothes the soul like a hot raspberry or blackcurrant drink.  The nostalgic taste of real raspberries, just like the ones we would pick from our parents canes, or sit in the car and drink while Mum and Dad ducked in to see a man about a dog at the local. 

This is what has sparked us to share our number one local gem with you all. 

Fruit juice syrup containing fruit grown onsite at Westerway, in the beautiful Derwent Valley.  The guys at grow, pick and make this smooth syrup right there on site.  During the fruit picking seasons you can even go up and pick your own punnets.  A great outing (when we are allowed). 

 Jump on their Facebook page like and share

You can also buy this online through Dan Murphys! Let's get our mainland friends buying tassie products.  Which is a fantastic product link up as this syrup goes a little too well with vodka!




They say that neighbours become good friends, which is who our next little business is run by.  The very talented 'Bruce the Super Cobbler',  provides his craft to his customers right here in the Falls Arcade.  You will find him on your walk in to Strutt.

To see just how clever this man is jump on his Facebook page like and share away. Not just a cobbler repairing shoes,  he also has an incredible talent working with leather jackets, bags and recently restored a 50 year old set of bellows featured on his Facebook post.

I personally have had shoes fixed with Bruce, and as I wear orthotics which tend to wear in the same spot,  Bruce relined them with leather to give me longevity and now they are perfect! Just on that topic, remember it's better to fix, repair or upcycle than to toss to landfill, which has horrendous follow on problems. The boots I had fixed I must say only cost $60 new not expensive but extremely comfortable I had the completely re-soled, re-heeled and the inside lined with leather, freshly polished up for only $69 and saved some landfill.

Bruce is open and observing all social distancing requirements pop on in support a hard working local.




If social restriction laws have inspired you to become a domestic goddess (or god), or you regularly do a spot of baking then you owe it to yourself to check out this great little treasure, right here at 41 Main Rd Moonah, Passione Foods.

They are now offering home deliveries so you can create all of your inspirations from bingeing the latest season of Master Chef. You can still pop in to experience the sensory explosion as staff are observing all social distancing rules. 

Stocking flour, nuts, seeds, honey, lentils in varieties to allow you to make those perfect winter stews and currys until your hearts content!

if all of that cooking  has you worn out, treat yourself to their White Raspberry Chocolate balls. Inspire yourself and your friends by liking their Facebook page and sharing.  They also sell online so get your mainland friends onboard.




Look, not everyone is a cook, maybe you are a beverage type instead? Fancy finding a new wine, cider or brew? Use this time in isolation to start a new hobby, and what could be more fun than making your own concoction to serve at your 'No more lockdown' party!

Home Brew HQ in Mornington on the Eastern Shore is open for business, even offering click and collect.  Check out the website for all their wonderful and tempting products. Perfect for beginners and experts alike! Imagine how fun the tasting of your labor will be! Jump on their Facebook and see what they can do.




Been watching Marie Kondo again to spark that cleanout because you are stuck at home and wanting to be a bit productive? Let us help you, to help us!

Clean out the wardrobe, make a pile of all the things you need fixed and pop them into Strutt this week and tick that job off your list. 

We have made a new cover for a waterbed, shortened heaps of jeans, darned some holes ( don't throw out fix and reuse ), even had a glorious lady deciding to repurpose an old dress into a new skirt.

A Gentleman who is currently bringing in one curtain at a time to have the tape replace on the head, because honestly trying to find good curtains IS like finding a needle in a haystack!



On the theme of reuse upcycle save some landfill we have in Moonah a great little computer shop at 19 Main Road. 

I recently had a little problem which saw my glass of wine JUMP up and spill all over my laptop! (Can happen to anyone ..)   It's wasn't saveble (the wine or the laptop) but I bought a reconditioned one for a fraction of the price of a new one from the team at Computers and more . If you are home schooling (like our Chloe is bracing herself for too) this might be a handy saviour for you too. Don’t just run out to the big guys, try a local supplier first. They are also an e-wast drop of point check out their Facebook page and shop local!


Well that's it for this week don't forget to take a look at last weeks blog , send us any ideas on local products or suppliers let's keep Tassie moving and keep our money here as much as we can .




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