Bariano multi-zip black dress
Bariano multi-zip black dress


Bariano multi-zip black dress

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The multi-tasker

Wish you had a dress that you could change depending on weather, occasion, or if you had time to tan your legs or not??

Well this is the dress for you!  With full length invisible zips allowing you to unzip as high as you desire on each side of the dress, and also with a zip either side of the centre skirt panel it puts the V in versatile!

But wait, theres more!  (and no, it isn't a set of steak knives) the sleeves also have zips!  meaning you can unzip them on a hot day and then close them up as the cool Hobart night air blows in!

The neckline and hem are framed with the most enchanting delicate lace trim, with the cold shoulder giving it a real Victorian era/Gothic-chic vibe.