Rhubarb Sparkle!

Rhubarb Sparkle!



Deciding what to serve up to your guests at your wedding or your engagement party? 
Are you looking for a glass of bubbly to toast with a difference? 

Every one deserves some bubbles in their life, and this one is rather elegant! 


Rhubarb Sparkle is sure to cause a stir at any social gathering. It is a paddock to flute experience.


The rhubarb is grown on Jane’s 100 year old farm in the misty hills of the Huon Valley. It is then bottle fermented and lusciously packaged. The result is an elegant drink, that is fun, flirty and a bit wild.


The extra good news is that one dollar from every bottle sold is donated to Lifeline Tasmania.



To contact Jane, go to moorebubbles.com.au.

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Looking forward to meeting you "Jane "one day !
Rhubarb Sparkle was such a beautiful and wonderful Surprise !!

Endra R O'May

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