Plus Sizes

Unleash the Temptress in you..

It’s not about the size you wear, it’s about how you wear the size. 

Looking fierce isn’t pigeon holed to a certain size, and fashion and vamping it up is for EVERY-BODY! 

Which is why we ensure we carry a divine selection of formal dresses, casual chic and wedding dresses in sizes for ladies that seem to be forgotten by retailers when it comes to shopping for stylish bits. 

 We stock brands that are designed exclusively for sizes 16+. One brand being Layla Jones, which have been designed to enhance and support curvy figures.

You’ve got the invitation in the mail.. the next thing you think puts shock waves through every woman’s mind... WHAT WILL I WEAR?!! 
Don’t fret, we’ve got your back!! 
All of our bridesmaid suppliers carry plus sizes up to size 28.
If there's one thing us Strutt girls loves, it's
a sneaky hack! These babies can also double as formal gowns for your black tie event, or once your bridesmaid duties are over, come back into us for alterations and chop it off to cocktail length!
Nothing better than a two for one! 


Bridal Gowns 

We have information and images of our plus size bridal range on our Bridal page. 


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